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Renowned for his beautifully composed piano pieces infused with bit-crushed kicks, Ophidian has grown to become one of the most admired names in Hardcore. Striking remarkable success with evergreen hits such as “Butterfly VIP”, “Running On Empty”, “So Many Sacrifices” with Ruffneck, his Harmony of Hardcore anthem “Bring On The Orchestra” and “Nothing Is Real” with Angerfist, this kingpin stands out with his versatile and capturing releases.
It’s no secret that Ophidian is one of the most unique and technically skilled artists in the Hardcore scene. His discography shines with beautifully articulate melodies, inspiring messages, extensive diversity and experimental sounds.

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I Made a Hardcore Song Using Only a 909 Kick Drum - Challenge #1

I Made a Hardcore Song Using Only a 909 Kick Drum - Challenge #1

Hi, I write and release music as Ophidian and Meander. Jump straight to song: 8:06 This song was released together with the songs from Challenge #2 and #3 as Ophidian - Main Sequence E.P. ✦ Get it here: Feel free to download for free, or pay what you want to support my channel and future projects. Thanks a lot! ✦ Here are some of the more important plug-ins I used: (Check 5:11 for reference) FabFilter Pro-Q 2 - FabFilter Pro-L 2 - SideWidener - SphereDelay - kHz Phaser Snapin - kHz Pitch Shifter Snapin - Soundtoys Crystalizer - Xfer Records LFO Tool - ✦ Follow me here: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: ✦ My music is available here: ✦ For my official DJ profile, agenda & bookings go here:
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​Ophidian is available for Live and DJ bookings through Most Wanted DJ Agency.
Fill in the form or contact the office at:
+31 (0)36 5300127

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